Dark Quest 3

Dark Quest 3

Dark Quest 3 is a A turn-based, card-driven rogue-lite game released by Brain Seal Ltd. 

Platforms: PC (Steam). 

I joined the small and passionate team at Brain Seal after Dark Quest 3’s early access release as the game’s lead writer. At the heart of my role was the meticulous art of card crafting. Every card, a narrative gem waiting to be unearthed, held a piece of the game’s essence. From a mysterious shopkeeper unveiling their wares to treacherous traps demanding players’ cunning, each card became a miniature tale within the grander tapestry of the game.

Beyond the cards, I ventured into the realm of digital storytelling, weaving captivating content for Dark Quest 3‘s Steam page. Here, I sought to encapsulate the essence of the game—its unique features, the thrill of strategic gameplay, and the immersive world that awaited players. Crafting content for the Steam page was an opportunity to beckon adventurers into a world brimming with mystery and challenge.

Adding another layer to the player’s experience, I lent my words to the barks of the game’s narrator. This whimsical guide, alternately encouraging and jesting, became a companion through the darkened landscapes. The narrator’s banter wasn’t just commentary; it was an invitation to embrace the game’s challenges with a smile.

The culmination of our collaborative efforts marked the 1.0 release last year—a milestone in the journey of Dark Quest 3. The game resonated with players, earning an impressive 76% ‘mostly positive’ rating on Steam from nearly 150 reviews. This acclaim is a testament to the immersive storytelling, strategic depth, and engaging gameplay that captured the imaginations of those who dared to venture into the shadows.