Unreleased Projects

Salvation (Feature film – 2014)

A young woman must navigate the dangerous roads of a post-pandemic Britain to escape the island, all while reconciling the guilt she feels for the loss of her sister.

Salvation won the 2014 Alan Plater Award for the Best Drama Screenplay.

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Oceanic (1 hour TV drama – 2013)

Decades after the loss of his wife and his dream project, a terminally-ill man faces his past and asks for repentance

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Blossom (Feature film – 2021)

A recreational drug user going nowhere in life takes a suspect substance he receives in the mail. When he starts losing time and having conversations with the entity in his bathtub, he must come to terms with what’s real and what’s not, before his supposed doppelganger ruins his life – as well as those around him.

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